Bespoke 2-3 Min Track by Prince Elliot

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    Forced to take a break from the club/festival circuit like, well, every musician out there, Andrew not only brushed up on his piano skills over lockdown, but also started making lofi beats fronted by his cat, Prince Elliot.

    Musicians, as you likely know, keep their genres of music separate, under different names: Diplo has Silk City (with Mark Ronson), Major Lazer (with Ape Drums and Walshy Fire), MMXX (chilled beats with Calm), Jack Ü with Justin Bieber, Higher Ground for house – you get the point – and now Andrew has lofi with Prince Elliot.

    Track for You

    Ever wanted your voice immortalised in a lofi chill track produced by a cat? Now’s your chance.

    A 2-3 minute track that integrates your voice, this is a truly unique gift, with digital artwork to accompany.

    How it works:

    You record a voice note, a bit of poetry, sing a bit of a song (or even a complete song if you’re feeling inspired), do a bit of haiku. Whatever inspires you. If it’s a gift for someone, you could consider their nickname or pet name. Or you could consider your actual pet barking or meowing… However, the more it sounds like a rusty old jazz singer, the better for the song.

    If you do a screaming punk tribute, it might be hard to integrate it into a lofi beats track. But we’re up for the challenge! Think of sultry tones, a smoky jazz club, or some sweet soul vibes. We retain the right to edit, process, vocode, reverse, autotune, whatever we feel needs to be done to the vocal to get it working right in the context.

    The track will be of similar style and content as the existing tracks of the 'lofi chill’ tracks, or tracks released under the Prince Elliot name (check Spotify). You’ll be delivered an MP3 and .WAV of the track, with artwork attached.

    You’ll need to supply us a photo of you or the recipient – or whatever the subject will be – for the artwork. We’ll work our magic on that as well, to give it a ‘lofi chill’ look that integrates with the track.

    The track will be 2-3 minutes long and will be expertly mixed and mastered.


    After you purchase the track(s), we will send you details of where to send things through to.

    Sample Bespoke Track

    Please click on the ’Sample’ tab above to listen to a sample bespoke track.

  • Expect 2 weeks for delivery from date of purchase. It will be emailed to you with the accompanying artwork.

  • For both the artwork and the music, the delivered product is final, and no edits or changes are allowed. Getting us the photo and the original voice recording is at your expense. It’s fine to do the recording on your mobile, but please choose a quiet area. You can also do it in a studio (at your expense). Email us the results, without effects added.

    The rights of the track remain with the producer and composer. That means you can’t sell it, license it for advertising or to the latest blockbuster, or release it as your own composition on Spotify. You can, of course, share it with your friends, post it on your Instagram, play it for someone’s birthday, etc. If Hollywood comes knocking and wants to license it for a movie, we are open to discussions at that point.

    If we really cannot hear anything inspirational in the vocal, we retain the right to not go ahead and will refund your money. This hasn’t happened so far.

  • Bespoke Track by Prince Elliot – Listen

    To give you an idea of a lofi track created for someone, Prince Elliot created the below short example for his friend.

    He was supplied with this passage from the book Estos y Otros Lugares, by David Jiménez 

    Press play to hear the track.


    Remember, tracks work best if you sound like you just woke up! Andrew will help you come up with a sample that he can use if you purchase this. 

    And questions, please email us. Thank you!