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  • Bespoke Mexican Bag, Curated by Liam Davy, Bad Sports

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    We love Mexico. Food, holidays, drinks, people. We might not be able to bring Mexico to you, but we’ve worked with one of our favourite Mexican experts – Liam, owner of Bad Sports – to pick the best Mexican goodies from around town (restaurants, stores) and further afield. Stock your cupboard with the contents of this bag, and you’ll be ready for an impromptu authentic Mexican fiesta, any day of the week. And we’ve added a piñata – and EDIBLE GLITTER BAGS – for your tacos, too. 'Cause you know, we’re fun.

    This bag includes:

    1kg Fresh Tortillas from Mextrade

    Liam says these are the best tortillas around. Not using them straight away? Then put them in the freezer. They are gluten- and GMO-free.

    Bad Sports Hot Sauce

    Made by using the aromatic heat of arbol chillies, the smoke of chipotle, with a hint of sweetness from grilled pineapple, you need this sauce in your life – it’s perfect on all tacos but particularly great on an Al Pastor.

    Edible Glitter Dime Bag from Snackbar, Dalston

    Have you ever seen something so great? Sprinkle this on any taco, and it’s a party. ‘Nickel bag of funk’ – Digable Planets

    Valentina Muy Picante

    Essential; hot hot hot.

    Tajin Seasoning

    Chilli salt and lime – use this everywhere.

    Mini Tin of Chipotles in Adobo

    Smoky jalapñeos in chilli and garlic sauce.

    Dark Organic Agave Syrup

    For margaritas or a sugar substitute elsewhere.

    Tacos Padre – 3 Products from the Borough Great

    -Salsa Macha – a crisp chili oil with garlic, onion, pumpkin and sesame seeds (so, so good).

    -Red onion pickles – sliced red onions in burnt habanero vinegar, lime, and oregano.

    -Habanero oil – hot fruity, has that zing!

    Vero Elotes Lollipops (2)

    These corn-shaped lollipops are strawberry flavoured and covered in chilli powder. Sugar and spice and everything nice!

    Stainless Steel Lime Squeezer

    Taking the classic Mexican design, they’ve used the finest Japanese steel for a premium lime squeezer. The material has high corrosion resistance and is less susceptible to rust. Dishwasher safe, you will have this forever!


    Ready to be stuffed with your candy of choice, olé!

    Hartwood Cookbook

    Yes, many more great restaurants have hit Tulum in recent years, but this outdoor, open fire, wood burning oven and grill is still our favourite.

    Tortilla Warmer

    This is good looking and functional, too.

    El Pastor – Batch 3 Mesquite & Pine Smoked Tepeztate & Espadin Mezcal,

    700 ml

    Mezcal from our friends at El Pastor. The Tepeztate agaves used in this batch are from the altiplanos of Oaxaca. They grow up to 40 feet high and impart punchy pine sap and sweet pineapple rind flavours.

    Mexican Market Bags (48cm x 48cm)

    Made from woven hand mesh from recycled soda bottles. Various prints and colors.

    Drink Aware

    You must be of legal drinking age to purchase this product. You may be asked for ID on delivery. Please drink responsibly. Please visit drinkaware for more details.

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    Delivery is one week, these bags are made to order. Email to enquire about a rush order though if needed, thanks!

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